We offer a complete range of generic pharmaceuticals in all dosage forms as per the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines.

TEPL is one of the leading suppliers of generic pharmaceuticals. Since 2016, it has been our primary task to ensure that we are able to deliver a wide range of safe and cost-effective products, which will contribute to improve the health standards for millions of people all over the world.

Our product range includes all essential drugs in all dosage forms. We continuously maintain a comprehensive knowledge about new products and applications, and we focus on making the latest products within our field available to our customers.

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Medical Supplies

In order to ensure effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, uninterrupted access to medical devices and supplies is essential.

TEPL supplies a large range of cost-effective medical consumables and supplies, ranging from syringes and needles to gloves, cotton wool and surgical instruments.

We have an extensive experience in sourcing and procuring nearly any type of medical consumable. We work exclusively with pre-qualified manufacturers and all our products are manufactured according to ISO/EN standards.

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Hospital Equipment

TEPL is a full-service provider of a complete range of hospital equipment and complementary services – ranging from technical support, on-site installation and training of staff to maintenance contracting and after-sales services.

Our product line ranges from hospital furniture and laboratory equipment to surgical and diagnostic devices.

We continuously aim to optimise the price–quality ratio by always offering our customers the right product at the right price without compromising on patient safety and product quality. Our experience and proficiency – matched with a profound understanding of local challenges, requirements and conditions – underpin our ability to do this.

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